The Relationship Between Provider-Role Consistency and Marital Outcomes

This study explored the effect of provider-role consistency on marital outcomes and the extent to which perceived fairness moderates the relationship between provider-role consistency and the outcome of depression and marital satisfaction. Secondary analyses were conducted on assessment materials for 64 couples presenting for therapy at a university-based clinic…


Chapter I: Introduction
Statement of the Problem
Review of Literature
Family Roles and Women Labor Force Participation
Division of labor
Division of labor, depression, and marital satisfaction
Family Roles
Role conceptualization
Provider-Role Types
Effect of provider-role attitudes on division of household labor
Provider-role types, division of labor, level of depression, and marital satisfaction
Marital Satisfaction
Purpose of the study
Exploratory question
Chapter II: Methods
Independent Variable
Dependent Variables
Chapter III: Results
Preliminary analyses
Analysis for Hypothesis 1
Analysis for Hypothesis 2
Analysis for Hypothesis 3
Analysis 1 for Exploratory Question
Analysis 2 for Exploratory Question
Chapter IV: Discussion
Summary of results
Limitations of the study
Explanation of the findings
Perceived fairness, depression, and marital satisfaction
Provider-role consistency
Perceived fairness as a moderator in the relationship between provider-role consistency and depression and marital satisfaction
Implications of the results
Implications for Future Research
Implications for Clinical Applications
Appendix A1
Appendix A2
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E

Author: Newman, Ginger Leigh

Source: University of Maryland

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