A SmartWardrobe – Augmenting laundry planning

Trends in technologies have mostly focused on the work environment,entertainment and communication technologies. Some developments have been made for the home such as microwave ovens, washing machines,HDTV, etc but most tasks are still manually executed. Washing machines are used in laundry but there hasn’t been a significant saving in time compared to manual laundering. The effects of misuse of the machine can be very destructive to clothes. This calls for proper sorting of clothes and adjustment of washing settings as appropriate. However, sorting has become a time consuming activity that requires a lot of attention on the part of the individual. Due to fatigue, individuals may in turn not pay much attention to washing instructions.In this thesis, we put together technologies into a system that would aid the user in planning and executing a laundry through identification of dirty clothes and sorting them in groups that can go into separate washes.

Author: Wenceslaus Mumala, Vincent Oke

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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