My study is about the treatment of people that has psychic functional disorder. The aim of my study is to describe and shed a light on how people with psychic functional disorder are treated. The goal with this paper is to increase the understanding towards persons that have psychic functional disorder. In my study I used qualitative method beacuse I considered that it was the best method for my study. I interviewed three persons, two persons that worked at a place where pepole whit psychic functional disorder live. The other one was a relative to a person with schizophrenia. When a person has had a psychic disease or psychic disturbance it could lead to psychic functional disorder. Persons that have psychic functional disorder have trouble with every day life. They need help with cooking and other things. There are people who have predjudices against persons that have psychic funtional disorder beacuse they don´t have the knowledge about pepole with psychic funtional disorder…

Author: Jonson, Annelie

Source: Malmo University

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