Visualizations for the Web

This thesis report describes the implementation of a chart library for use in client-sidebrowser visualizations. The library is completely written in the JavaScriptprogramming language and supports five chart types: bar or column charts, line charts,histograms, scatter plots, and function plots. Function plotting is performed usinginterval arithmetic resulting in accurate and guaranteed correct function plots withone or two variables. Other charts are drawn according to the guidelines set out inStephen Few’s “Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten”book in order to create clear and consistent visualizations of data.The design of the library is based on the concept of components and containerswhich are laid out using layout managers. Three layout managers are included bydefault: border, grid, and a flexible grid…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Goals & Limitations
2 Architecture & Design
2.1 Core
2.1.1 Array extensions
2.1.2 Function extensions
2.1.3 Object extensions
2.1.4 Mathematics extensions
2.1.5 Getter and Setter Properties
2.1.6 Functional Pattern Matching
2.2 Layout
2.2.1 Border layout
2.2.2 Grid layout
2.2.3 Flex grid layout
2.3 Axis
2.4 Title
2.5 Legend
2.6 Canvas
2.7 Data
2.8 Graphics
2.8.1 Custom view-ports
2.8.2 Crisp line drawing
2.8.3 Fonts/Text support
2.9 Defaults
2.10 Chart
3 Chart types
3.1 Bar Chart
3.2 Scatter Chart
3.3 Line Chart
3.4 Histogram
3.5 Function plotting
4 Related work
v5 Future work
5.1 Scalable Vector Graphics
5.2 Server Side Charts
5.3 Support for more chart types
5.4 Interactive charts
5.5 Web page integration
5.6 ASCII Math parser
6 Conclusion

Author: Stein, Bram

Source: Uppsala University Library

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