International market entry strategy for AmStar-Europe

The theme of the dissertation is building an International Market Entry strategy for AmStar-Europe to enter Europe. AmStar-Europe is actually a brand-new company without any expertise overseas and requires an International Market Entry strategy plan to advice the penetration of the European market. The following suggestions are found: Enter Denmark via direct export and focus on AffaldVarme Århus, Forbrændingsanlægget REFA, Roskilde Forbrænding and I/S vestforbrænding first, since they’re ready to accept new technology’s and responded swiftly. Concentrate on persons who make (big) investment decisions, analysed in table 14 and sell the AmS 8** coating through personal selling. Build referrals for prospective customers by giving existing clients with small samples. These samples offer understanding of the product and word-of-mouth can easily distribute this information into the market. Use trade events and seminars to develop recognition, show references, meet new customers and maintain your relationships with current customers….


Chapter 1; Background
1.1 Research questions and structure
1.2 Relevance
Chapter 2; Theory
2.1 Internal analysis
2.2 Country selection
2.3 External analysis
2.4 Entry mode decision
2.5 Marketing plan
Chapter 3; Methodology
2.2.1 Internal analysis
2.2.2 Country selection
2.2.3 External analysis
2.2.4 Entry mode decision
2.2.5 Marketing plan
Chapter 4; Data
4.1 Internal analysis
4.1.1 HiLux5
4.1.2 AmStar Surface Technology
4.1.3 AmStar-Europe
4.2 Country selection
4.3 External analysis
4.3.1 Power and Waste-to-Energy market
4.3.2 Five Forces Framework of Porter
4.4 Entry mode decision
4.5 Marketing plan
4.5.1 Market segmentation
4.5.2 Market preparation
4.5.3 Targeting
4.5.4 Positioning
4.5.5 Execution Master Thesis José Meester AmStar-Europe
Chapter 5; Conclusion
5.1 Conclusions
5.1.1 Internal analysis
5.1.2 Country selection
5.1.3 External analysis
5.1.4 Entry mode decision
5.1.5 Marketing plan
5.2 Recommendations
5.2.2 Country selection
5.2.3 External analysis
5.2.4 Entry mode decision
5.2.5 Marketing plan…

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