Strategic Partnership within Supply Chain

The purpose of this study is developing a model of supplier selection to support the contribution of suppliers in product development processes, and eventually, developing a strategically integrated supply base for Volvo Powertrain Corporation (VPT). Among the first part of this study, a model of supplier evaluation and selection has been developed, considering attributes and success factors for integration with suppliers, and also examined in VPT with the aims of achieving mutual success in both products and commerce for VPT, as the focal company, and its supply chain members. The second part of this study presents a model to boosting the integrated partnership established on the basis of the first part endeavour.
Theory:The first part covers the theories emerges from a large number of stochastic studies concerning hypotheses proofing of relations between diverse aspects of hypothetical influential characteristics of partnerships and its performance. And the second part deals with theory of suppliers association.
Analysis: Collected data from suppliers of VPT as well as practitioners is analysed and compared with the academic studies in the first part. Second part, however, deals only with theory since it needs more time and effort which is proposed as prospect studies.
The conducted survey shows that two-way communication (or multi-way in more developed situations)and mutual trust are the most vital elements to partnership survival. It has been presented in this effort, and suggested to VPT, that the best practice in this respect is developing the supplier association in a framework of Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA) constituted of key suppliers for a particular system and /or subsystem.

Author: Siamak Zarrin Ghalami

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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1 Chapter One: Models in Supplier Evaluation and Selection
1.1. Definition of Terms and Review of Literature
1.2. Traditional Supplier Selection Approaches
1.3. Novelty in Supplier Selection Methodologies
2 Chapter Two: Volvo Business Partnership Program
2.1. A Brief Review
2.2. Strategic Partnership in Volvo Business Partnership Program
3 Chapter Three: Developing Supplier Evaluation and Selection Model
3.1. Attributes and Success Factors
3.2. Numerical Indices of Attributes and Success Factors
4 Chapter Four: Supplier Association
4.1. Stages in Developing Supplier Integration
4.2. The Supplier Association
4.3. Benefits in Supplier Association Creation
5 Chapter Five: Developing Supplier Association Model
5.1. Pre-Plan
5.2. Plan
5.3. Do
5.4. Check
5.5. Act
6 Conclusion
7 Conducting Prospect Studies
8 References
9 Appendices
Appendix A. Traditional Supplier Selection Criteria
Appendix B. Survey Questionnaires for Attributes and Success Factors in Strategic Partnerships
Appendix C. Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle
Appendix D. The Use of a Radar Chart (Arachnid Graph)
10 Abbreviations

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