Renal Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease

Renal dysfunction enhances cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. The ways for the risk increase appear to include a mix of common and non-traditional CVD risk factors. We examined renal dysfunction as CVD and mortality risk factor in middle-aged men free from diabetes and CVD. The chance for myocardial infarction (MI) and CVD mortality was amplified by ~40% in the 16.5% of males with worse renal function, separate from other CVD risk factors. Renal implant dysfunction as CVD and fatality risk factor have also been examined. Renal transplant dysfunction was a risk element for death and for combined Cardiovascular Disease CVD endpoint. The risk by renal dysfunction had been separate from traditional Cardiovascular Disease CVD risk factors as well as transplantation-specific risk factors. Merely modest rise in serum creatinine triggered mortality and CVD risk similar to diabetes, older age and higher low density lipoprotein levels.In haemodialysis affected individuals, the impact of a dialysis session on non-traditional Cardiovascular Disease CVD risk factors were analyzed. A HD session lowered asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) and homocysteine levels, as well as augmentation index (AIx). The alteration in AIx was associated with ADMA plasma level change.

Contents: Renal Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease

Epidemiology – Renal Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease
General Population
Patients in Dialysis
Renal Transplant Recipients
Mechanisms of Disease
Arterial Stiffnes
Endothelial Dysfunction
Asymmetric Dimethylarginine

Oxidative Stress
Study 1
Statistical Analysis
Study 2
Statistical Analysis
Study 3
Pulse Wave Analysis
Biochemical Analyses
Statistical Analysis
Study 4
Oxidative Stress Markers
Lipid Peroxidation Markers
Intracellular Oxidative Stress Markers
C-Reactive Protein and Other Laboratory Variables
Endothelium Dependent and Endothelium Independent Vasodilation
Statistical Analysis
Study 1
Risk for Myocardial Infarction
Risk for Stroke and Heart Failure
Mortality Risk
Study 2
Renal Transplant Dysfunction
Renal Graft Loss
Age and Low Density Lipoprotein
Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes vs. Other Risk Factors
Doubling of Risk
Study 3
Study 4
Patient Characteristics
C-Reactive Protein
Endothelial Function
C-Reactive Protein and Endothelial Function
Renal Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Risk
ADMA and Central Arterial Pressure Waveform
C-Reactive Protein and Endothelial Function
Oxidative Stress and Endothelium Dependent Vasodilation

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