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Banks Nonperforming Assets and Write-Offs in 1992

In this paper we present data collected by the banking supervision authorities on banks' nonperforming assets and loan losses with a view to establishing a consistent database for analysing the condition of Finnish banks and firms. Over the past couple of years some FIM 100 billion's worth of banks' exposures have been nonperforming, for shorter or longer periods of time. At the end of 1992 banks' nonperforming assets amounted to FIM 55 billion, after writeoffs of FIM 22 billion for ...

Project category: Finance
Declining labour share – Evidence of a change in underlying production technology?

The study demonstrates that the decline in the labour share in Finland can not be explained by the Cobb-Douglas production function. Instead, we propose an approach based on the constant-elasticity-of-substitution (CES) production function with labour- and capital-augmenting technical progress. The model is augmented by imperfect competition in the output market. According to the empirical results based on estimation of the first-order-conditions, the technical elasticity of substitution is significantly less than unity (0.6) and hence the Cobb-Douglas production function is rejected. ...

Project category: Economics
Population Policy and Human Capital Accumulation in China

China, the most populous country in the world, has had high economic growth during the past two decades. While economic reforms in China have received a great deal of attention, researchers have paid far less attention to the effects of population policies. In this dissertation, I discuss the One-Child policy in China and its impact on human capital accumulation. I examine the impact of family size on parental health outcomes by exploiting the exogenous change in family size under the ...

Project category: Economics
Coffee is money, maize is food: Discussing agricultural specialization in Tanzania

This paper deals with the economic development of Tanzania and especially with the development of the smallholders. My aim is to study whether the Structural Adjustment Programmes have helped to facilitate growth in the agricultural and export-sector and if the reforms implemented through the programmes have made agricultural specialization easier and improved the economic situation for the smallholders.In this paper, I will discuss that there might be significant limitations in the favours received due to SAP and that the Structural ...

Project category: Economics
Locating Biotech Innovation: Places, Flows and Unruly Processes

This thesis begins by making two observations. First, that the regional economic landscapes in which we all live our daily lives, and which provide the basis for employment and prosperity, are constantly changing. Second, that one of the most popular strategies currently pursued by regions and nations for coping with such change, relies heavily on innovation within a few high-tech industries, biotech being one prominent example. The thesis is an investigation into the potential – and limits – of biotech-based ...

Project category: Geography
Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico: Possible Effects on the Economic Growth

The purpose of this paper is to examine whether foreign direct investment, FDI, has any impact on economic growth in Mexico. In order to find a possible connection I use a multiple regression analysis with GDP per capita as dependent variable. Furthermore, I critically examine previous studies of FDI and its effect on GDP per capita in Mexico as well as other studies with several developed and developing countries. The difference between this paper and previous studies is that the ...

Project category: Economics
The Role of Education in Chile’s Economic Growth

This research studies empirically whether there is a role of education in economic growth of Chile during the period 1973-2005. This is done through the adoption of time-series analysis and co-integration techniques. Based on economic theory and empirical findings, potential implications for Chilean educational policy are then discussed. This thesis (Role of Education in Chile's Economic Growth) provides further evidence to the theory that education is linked to economic growth via the technology parameter, roughly approximated by total factor productivity, ...

Project category: Economics
Bioenergy, Pollution, and Economic Growth

This thesis consists of four papers: two of them deal with the effects on the forest sector of an increase in the demand for forest fuels, and two of them concern the relation between economic growth and pollution. Paper [I] is a first, preliminary study of the potential effects on the Swedish forest sector of a continuing rise in the use of forest resources as a fuel in energy generation. Sweden has made a commitment that the energy system should be ...

Project category: Economics
The Impact of FDI on Growth in Developing Countries: An African Experience

In recent years, policymakers, especially in the developing countries, have come to the conclusion that foreign direct investment (FDI) is needed to boost the growth in their economy. It is claimed that FDI can create employment, increase technological development in the host country and improve the economic condition ...

Project category: Economics
Economic Growth in China: During the Period of 1980-2003

Prior to China’s open-door policy, China was considered among one of the worlds’ most isolated economies. However, that changed when they allowed the market force to go before central planning, and decided on an outward orientation for their development strategy. This was a sign indicating that China allowed foreign trade to play a leading role in its economic development. This thesis, with the help of income terms of trade (ITT) and GDP per capita, aim to study if there is ...

Project category: Economics

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