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Disordered Magnets Alloys

In this project we will research disordered magnetic alloys from first principles. Researching magnetic properties of disordered alloys is essential for the knowledge of phase transformations in alloys and also from the viewpoint of fundamental concerns of magnetism in solids. Actually Disorder in a magnetic system can lead to unusual magnetic structures, as an example spin glass, which have somewhat unusual features.

Design and Implementation of a General Molecular Dynamics Package

There are many different codes available for making molecular dynamic simulation. Most of these are focused on high performance mainly. We have moved that focus towards modularity, flexibility and user friendliness. Our goal has been to design a software that is easy to use, can handle many different kind of simulations and is easily extendable to meet new requirements.

A low-power second-order sampling receiver for Bluetooth

The main goal of this thesis is to investigate the feasibility of a quadrature radio frequency receiver front-end using a second-order sampling topology in CMOS. Second-order sampling combines subsampling with a non-uniform sampling scheme. This non-uniform sampling scheme comprises of two uniform sampling streams with a small time delay between both streams, which allows the generation of an I and Q channel.